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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
 Coming in February 2024. Click here for info.
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Stories of the Season is an interactive evening of storytelling using masks and puppets to tell tales with themes suited to the winter season.


By Rob Harrison and Bob Beuth

Commissioned by and Produced through The Virginia Avenue Project, Spring of 2003 in Santa Monica


Based on Rob's original children’s story, this is the story of Raj, a young boy alienated by his village, who wanders out into the desert and is adopted by a heard of camels.

I created 55 puppets and masks for this project, including a 15-foot high giant demon, who rose out of the sands of the desert when summoned by the evil sorceress Dagril.

The Soldier'S Tale

Based on a classic Russian folktale, this new version, adapted and narrated by David Bridel, has all the other characters in the story played by life-size puppets.

Having made its debut with the Louisville Symphony Orchestra in March 2020, it is slated to be performed at other theaters and symphony halls in the future.